Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tip Sheets from the Car Seat Lady

These tip sheets are saved as pdf files - which means that they are easy to share with friends online & also easy to print.  Simply click on the name of the tip sheet to open the document as a Google Doc pdf file.  Sometimes (especially if you are using Firefox as your browser) Google Docs is temperamental and the image of the tip sheet doesn't show.  If you can't see the tip sheet, simply download or print it (upper left hand corner of the Google Doc screen).

Preemies & Small Newborns - Are you taking home a baby weighing less than 5 pounds?

Rear-facing & Your Toddler - Turning a Baby Forward-Facing at 1 year is so 1990's... Evidence-Based Recommendations for the 2010's from a Pediatrician & Car Seat Lady

Car Seat/Stroller Compatibility Chart

Avoid Regrets: Tips for Traveling Safely in Taxis

Buying a Safe Vehicle

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