Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bubble Bum - the most innovative backless booster you've ever seen

The Bubble Bum is an incredibly innovative new booster seat that will arrive in the US April 2011 - it is already wildly popular in Europe.  The Car Seat Lady is super excited about it as I think it will eliminate many of the barriers to booster seat use - in a way that no other booster seat does.

What makes it so GREAT?
    • Weighs just 1 pound!
    • Great for playdates, travel, taxis & rental cars - anytime you need to take a booster
    • INFLATES in seconds to its regular size, but quickly deflates to fit in a child's tiny backpack
    • Unlike other boosters which are bulky pieces of plastic (even if they weigh only 5 pounds), this one is compact enough that you have no excuse to not bring the booster with your child for EVERY trip (even just a short taxi ride from the airport...)
    • Until now, the Nania High Ride was the narrowest booster on the US market at 14.5 inches - but the Bubble Bum is just 12.5 inches wide!
    • With smaller, more fuel efficient cars becoming the primary family vehicle, the need for a narrow booster has never been greater.
    • Without "arm rests" like other booster seats, it will fit in smaller spaces where other boosters won't (think trying to fit 3 kids across the back seat)
    • Many kids find it hard to buckle themselves into traditional boosters as the arm rests block their view of the seat belt buckle - this booster will give them more independence
    • Note: the "arm rests" on other boosters are to prevent the lap belt from sliding up into the child's abdomen - the Bubble Bum uses innovative belt guides on the side of the booster to accomplish this same goal, but without bulky arm rests
  • FUN
    • A large focus group of school kids picked the fun purple color scheme
    • Since it doesn't look like other boosters, your child may not fight as much about riding in it
    • At $30, you can afford to have one for playdates, one for grandma's car, another for the babysitter's car...

Who can use it: It is appropriate for kids age 4 and up who weigh between 40 and 80 pounds.

The fine print:
The Car Seat Lady received this Bubble Bum booster for free - but is in no way affiliated with Bubble Bum and is not paid in anyway for this blog post. 
Why the glowing review?  We simply think this may be the best thing since sliced bread (well, for boosters at least).  There are many barriers to booster seat use - convenience, cost, portability, lack of space in the vehicle to name a few - and this booster addresses them all in a way no other seat does.  Therefore, we think this booster has the chance to keep many kids safer as we think kids will be more likely to have this booster with them when they need it (the ride to the airport, the taxi in NYC, the last minute playdate, etc). 


  1. oh, I love it. I need two to do three across in my tiny backseat!

  2. So there is no shoulder belt adjustable guide strap?

  3. There will be a shoulder belt adjustable guide strap on the one sold in the US. Please note that these guides are for the child's comfort, and not primarily a safety feature.

  4. How do we purchase the booster once it appears in the U.S.? Will it be available in stores or only online?

  5. Are the shoulder belt guides on all low back boosters for comfort and not safety then? I've never thought they looked like they do much compared to a high back's belt guide.

    I really, really, really want (actually, need) one for 3 across in a Prius - another benefit that I see is that this booster is far less of a hazard than others in an accident if it is not fastened down with a safety belt or in a trunk.

  6. Initially it will be available online, then later in stores (and online too).

  7. We travel a lot and this would have come in handy for the trip coming up! Too bad we have to wait til April :-).