Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's Mistake - can you spot the mistake/s in the picture?

To continue on our booster theme from last week, I thought I'd show two more common mistakes seen with booster seats.  Many parents think that because boosters are so easy to use (no installation required) that there couldn't possibly be a way to use them wrong.  Unfortunately, many booster seats are used improperly (like the ones below).

This picture shows two girls riding in high-back belt-positioning boosters.
The mistake on the girl in the front is much more obvious than the one for the girl in the back.
Can you identify both mistakes?
For bonus points, what type of injury pattern might you see in the girl in the front - how about for the girl in the back?
Post your answers below - and I will post the correct answer on Tuesday.
(Note: The child in the front is not riding in the front seat - this is a vehicle with 3 rows of seats)

Please note: These photos were not staged.  These photos were taken by real parents just like you who didn't know that they were using the boosters improperly.  9 out of 10 car seats are used incorrectly - don't let your child ride at risk.   If you are in the NYC or Baltimore areas, email us at to schedule a private car seat installation lesson - otherwise, visit to find someone in your area to teach you how to install your seats properly.


  1. For the girl in the front- shoulder belt routed under the arm, increased head excursion in an accident. She has a higher risk of head and neck injuries as well as arm injuries.

    For the girl in the back- lap belt is too high, possibly mis routed or the slack has not been removed. Increased risk of "seatbelt syndrome"- injuries to the soft part of her abdomen and possibly lower spinal cord injuries.

    Oh- and both, I think, have the head rests too low. Or at least that's how it looks.

  2. On the girl in front it is under her arm. Definitely a risk of head excursion like pp said, but also internal injuries. My 4 year old said "Her belt is on her tummy instead of her shoulder"

    On the girl in the backseat she is slouching down, possibly because she can't touch or because the headrest is too low. She would get major internal injuries where the lapbelt is on her tummy, and probably break her collarbone or worse from the should belt location if they got in an accident.

  3. Hello??? The girl in the front SHOULD NOT BE IN THE FRONT at all...