Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Travel Tip: Flying (Safely) with Kids - Part 1

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You make sure your carry-on bag fits overhead.  You tuck your purse under the seat in front of you.  You secure your seat back and tray table in their upright positions.  Doesn't your child deserve the same protection?  If there's turbulence during a flight, a child safety seat is the safest, most secure place for your little one.

Top 10 Reasons 


Why Your Child Should Ride in a Car Seat on an Airplane

  1. They are safer! You can't hold your coffee cup during take-off & landing - doesn't your child deserve the same protection?  Children in a car seat are securely fastened to the airplane seat – just like everyone and everything else in the airplane cabin.
  2. A child riding on your lap can easily fly out of your arms in rough turbulence and hit their head on the overhead bins.  
  3. Most kids can't climb out of their car seats - but they can quickly figure out how to open the airplane seat belt and become unrestrained. 
  4. Children are more comfortable in the car seat since it is familiar and just their size
  5. Kids tend to sleep better in the car seat since it is more comfortable for them than the big airplane seat. 
  6. You don't have to hold a squirmy infant or toddler on your lap for hours.  
  7. It’s easier for parents to get up to stretch or use the restroom.
  8. You will usually need your car seat to get to the airport safely and then also when you arrive at your destination.  Kids who don't ride in a car seat on the airplane, often don't ride in a car seat on the ride to or from the airport - which is exceptionally dangerous (and usually illegal too). 
  9. The car seat stays in your possession throughout the entire trip so you do not have to worry about the car seat being lost or damaged by the airline.
  10. Some crashes are survivable - this 3 year old was the only survivor of a horrible plane crash - rescuers found her hanging upside down in her car seat in the rubble of the aircraft with only minor injuries.  

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